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14th-19th Oct 2016
Prof. Koyama will deliver a keynote lecture at 12th IUPAC International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis (NMS-XII) to be held in Changsha.
4th-7th Sept 2016
Prof. Koyama will deliver an invited lecture at 2016 Asian SOFC Symposium to be held in Tokyo.
15th-18th Aug 2016
Prof. Ishimoto will deliver an invited lecture at International Symposium on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ISPAC) 2016 to be held in Kuching, Malaysia.
25th-29th June 2016
Prof. Koyama will deliver an invited lecture at International Conference on Small Science (ICSS 2016) to be held in Prague.
10th June 2016
Mr. Tianrui Qu has joined the laboratory.
24th-25th May 2016
Joint CREST Meeting with Kawada-team has been held.
23th-27th May 2016
Prof. Ishimoto has delivered an invited talk at EMN Meeting on Fuel Cell held in Jeju.
20th May 2016
Energy System Research Meeting (The Japan Society of Applied Physics) has been held in Miyazaki.
24th Apr 2016
Prof. Koyama has delivered an invited lecture at Natural Energy Seminar.
15th Apr 2016
We have held a welcome party.
14th Apr 2016
Dr. Xie has joined the laboratory.
11th Apr 2016
Mr. Okuno and Mr. Sawada have joined the laboratory.

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2016 Spring Meeting of the Society of Computer Chemistry, Japan.
Ishimoto et al.
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